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Antica Collection, Inc.
Direct Importer of Antiques and Decorative Items from Europe.

For the last ten years my late husband and partner Eric taught me how to turn my passion for collecting antiques into a way of life. We found that the relations we developed both at home and abroad were enriching our lives and allowing us to live our dream. I am eternally grateful to him for this shared love to give something old, new life; and to bring the stories of our travels back home to our friends and clients.

Having been a collector myself for over twenty years, I have encompassed my passion and love for antiques with the current demand to incorporate them into modern design.

My frequent travels to Europe allow me to continuously hunt for special pieces, where I hand select each and every object. I buy what I would place in my own home, so each antique or decorative item has special meaning to me personally.

With that said, my purpose is to extend that passion into my clients home decor and encourage a life well lived.

Lisa Strait Vanpoucke